The Industry’s Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning

Keech Clean uses three main steps in cleaning your carpet.  These are not all we do, but they account for most of the cleaning.

Pre-Condition Carpet:

The preconditioner goes on first in the cleaning process.  This attracts soil away from the carpet fibers.

Scrub Carpet:

Next, we brush the carpet with a high speed electric groomer.  This dislodges soil from the fibers and brings it to the surface.


Finally, we extract with a clear water rinse.  Remember that cleaning solution that attracted dirt?  The last thing we want to do is leave it in your carpet to keep attracting dirt.  If we did, your carpet would get dirty fast.  Many cleaners run detergent through the wand, with good results in the short term, but you will notice the carpet getting dirty much faster than before.

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