• filter_dramaIs it true that carpet gets dirty more quickly after cleaning?
    Not when we clean it! It is true that if a cleaner leaves soapy residue in the carpet, the carpet will attract dirt and get dirty quickly. We use gentle cleaning products with hot water and powerful extraction equipment that will not only leave your carpet cleaner, but it will stay cleaner longer than with other carpet cleaners.
  • filter_dramaCan you remove (type of stain)?
    We can’t always remove every type of stain, but we are able to remove the majority of stains from your carpet. If you call us at 919-741-4150 we can discuss the nature of your stains and the likelihood of complete removal.
  • filter_dramaDo you move furniture?
    We will move three pieces of furniture for free, and more for a small charge.
  • filter_dramaI have black lines on the carpet along my walls–what is that?
    The black lines that appear along the walls are “filtration soiling.” They occur when the hvac system has to work too hard to pull air through the filters, either because they are dirty or because they are too restrictive for the system. If you don’t know exactly what kind of filter to use with your system, we recommend using the cheap ones (these are the least restrictive) and replacing them frequently.
  • filter_dramaHow long does it take the carpet to dry?
    It takes about three hours on an average day for the carpets to dry completely. If it’s raining, or the humidity is otherwise very high, it can take longer. We will leave shoe coverings with you so you can walk on your carpet without risking getting it dirty.
  • filter_dramaIn the past I’ve had my carpet cleaned only to have the same spots return, will this happen again?
    There are a couple of ways this can happen. Most commonly, there is residue in the carpet that continues to attract dirt after being cleaned. For an extreme example, when you remove duct tape from a carpet it remains sticky and attracts a black stain. In order to prevent recurrence, you have to remove all of the sticky residue. The other way this can happen is if there is moisture beneath the carpet. For example, pet urine leaves behind salt, which attracts moisture when it is humid. This will result in spotting even after cleaning. To take care of this, the salt needs to be removed from beneath the carpet. Don’t worry, we have a non-invasive way of handling this!
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