How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Family at home relaxing on carpet

Here are our prices for carpet cleaning.  We price by the area–an area includes any room of up to 250 square feet, stairs, or hallway.  We used to price by square feet, which is more precise, but I decided that it was better to lower the price and do it by area to save us from a lot of driving and measuring.  In the end, I think we’re all better off!  Rooms between 250-500 square feet count as two rooms.


Fair Pricing Model

We operate from a “no surprises,” up-front pricing model.  The prices we quote are the prices you will pay.  We will never surprise you by telling you we had to do extra work or that the price is not what we had originally agreed to.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

2 areas: $125

3 areas: $140

4 areas: $185

5 areas: $230

6 areas: $275

7 areas: $320

8 areas: $365

Scotchgard: $20 per area

What’s included

These prices include all pre-treatment, spotting, and extraction, with two exceptions:

  • Pet urine damage usually has to be quoted at the time of cleaning.  Minor damage will often not cost extra, but where pet urine has penetrated to the carpet pad, it’s necessary to do a more aggressive treatment to get that out.  If you call us, we can give you an idea of what to expect based on what you tell us about the extent of the damage.
  • Filtration soiling (those black lines that develop at the edge of the carpet) is highly variable.  We will clean a three-foot section for you so you can see what result to expect, and give you a quote at the same time.  This usually is between $10-$20 per area, depending on the difficulty.

Prices also include the moving of three pieces of furniture.  More furniture can be moved at $7 per piece, $14 for beds.  We have to move a piece of furniture four times to clean around it, so a lot of furniture moving changes the nature of a job.

If you have any questions about pricing, we will be happy to answer them.  You can call us at 919-741-4150.