Best Carpet Cleaning in Raleigh NC !

Are you tired of living with spots, stains, and smells?
Is your carpet so dirty you’re planning to replace it?
Have you been disappointed by carpet cleaning before?

Keech Clean – Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Guarantee Make Life Simple by having everything in a Home Cleaned at Once. For a carpet cleaning experience second to none in the Raleigh NC area!

Excellent Customer Service from Keech Clean

When customers want an assortment of cleaning services at once, calling Keech Clean is the perfect choice. Instead of calling multiple companies for each type of cleaning service, customers can have one technician arrive to perform all sanitizing tasks in a home in a few hours, making a building look beautiful again. Keech Clean provides full-service cleaning with technicians who can mop floors, scrub bathroom fixtures and vacuum carpets during one service call.

Innovative Cleaning Processes

We know how to clean homes quickly to ensure every surface is spotless by using innovative cleaning processes that remove deeply embedded soil without damaging the fibers of fabrics on upholstery. By using a scheduling system to clean a building, we can ensure that each room in a home is cleaned from the ceiling to the floor. With our technician’s efficient sanitizing methods a home’s dust is removed from hidden spaces such as under beds and behind cabinets to prevent it from filtering out onto surfaces.

Trained and Experienced Technicians

To protect the safety of our customers, our technicians are background screened before they are sent to homes. Our company has logo embellished vehicles and uniforms to give employees a professional appearance. Each employee is trained how to use cleansers and equipment safely to avoid damaging surfaces in a home. We listen to customers specialized needs concerning cleaning a particular item such as an antique rug.

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment and Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

Our Keech Clean customers can count on us to have the best floor stripping equipment to remove yellowed wax before polishing natural stone tiles. We use environmentally safe cleaning products that will not contaminate the air or leave volatile residue on surfaces. With the best equipment, we can clean all areas of a building, including kitchens and bathrooms quickly.

Punctual Customer Service

At Keech Clean, we have professional technicians who arrive on time to provide a variety of services, such as shampooing carpets, sanitizing countertops and removing stains from upholstered furniture. We understand that customer’s time is just as valuable as ours, leading to working as efficiently as possible. By contacting us for all cleaning services in a home, customers only need to make one appointment rather than having several cleaning company’s technicians arrive on different days and times.

You can’t know how clean your carpets can be until you discover how much cleaner we can make them. Contact Keech Clean today for any of your Carpet Cleaning needs: (919) 741-4150.

Keech Clean LLC is a BBB Accredited Carpet Cleaner in Wake Forest, NC

By Dan Keech